Welcome to our Legacy Groups (small groups). If you are new to the church or looking to become more involved and connected these are for you! We have a large variety of groups aimed at helping you grow with others and to build the church as a whole.

We believe that life is better when done together.

Look through our available groups and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. The links on several of our groups are for trailers or information about the study/book the group is going over this session. Once we receive your information and request we will contact our Legacy Group leaders and get you plugged in as soon as possible. Thanks!


10:00am Walking Group: Erin Kent

Meeting at Edison Elementary, join us as we walk and talk! All fitness levels welcome.

6:30pm Discipleship: Ron and Cathy Allan

If you are looking for connection and discipleship, this is a great group for you. 

The Purple Book

6:00-8:00pm Family Game Night: Jolene Haffner

Looking for fun for the whole family?  Here is a fun idea that everyone can enjoy.  Grab your favorite game and join us! Starting June 10th


5:45pm Military Families: Justin and Gena Lane

Are you military and looking for a family here.  look no farther!  This group was made just for you. 


These groups will run during the children’s sports camp

Running Group: Stacey Peterson and Cindy Varney

We will meet at the church and run around the neighborhood. All levels of running welcome!

Walking Group: Sara Baldwin

We will meet at the church and walk around the neighborhood. Everyone welcome!

Women’s Art Class: Sara Dangerfield

Small cost for journal and some art supplies. Come join us for an awesome time!

Starting Point: Ron and Cathy Allan

Are you a new Christian or curious about what faith in God is? This is a great group for you.

Freedom from Addiction: Mike Williams

God desires victory for you. No matter what addiction you struggle with, there is freedom in Jesus. Join us as we learn powerful tools to help us overcome addiction, gain insight into the life God desires for you, and accountability from those who have walked the path you have.

Discipleship: Alan Verbitsky

If you want to dig deeper into the Bible and look at what it means to be a true disciple this is a great group for you. Come and join us for community, study, and great conversation as we dig into the word and grow together.


9:30am Women Doing Life Together: Monica Squires

Come study with us as we dig deeper into the book of Ephesians. We are very excited to hear from God through this incredible book.

Noon Men’s Scrimmage Basketball: Dan Dangerfield

Details coming soon.

7pm The Power of Prayer: Donna Frederick

Do you wish you had a better prayer life? Do you want to learn how to unleash the power of prayer in your life and for those around you? This group will do just that. You are guaranteed to walk away challenged and changed! No children please.


6:30pm Discipleship: Alan & Laurie Verbitsky

Join us for a great study in the book of Genesis. WE will start at the beginning as we look forward to the future.


10:30am Discipleship: Cathy Wallace

Discussing the freedom we have in Christ. Held in the Minot Public Library


There are currently no groups planned for this day.

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